How to create your own NanoCard?

1) Open the app and log in by using the Guest mode or Apple/Google Sign-In option. Note that if you chose Guest Mode, then sharing your personal QR Code will be disabled.


2) Navigate to the menu by pressing the button located at the top right corner:


3) Choose a template you like and edit the details.

Once you are happy with it, click Save.

Note: You can click the Preview button to preview the NanoCard without scanning it.

4) Select your preferred card design as a primary template by pressing Select As Primary. This is going to be the card that will be shown with a personal QR code.

You can have only one template shared at a time using your personal QR Code. The primary indicator shows which one is currently shared.

5) Share the generated QR code as you like by pressing Share:

6) Print the generated QR code or bring it up on another device.

7) Return to the camera and scan your QR code to see your NanoCard in augmented reality.

How to scan someone's NanoCard?

  1. Open the NanoCardAR app. 
  2. Chose any login mode you prefer (Guest Mode, or Apple/Google Sign-In).
  3. Point your camera towards the QR code to scan.

At this point, NanoCard will get downloaded and displayed!


Note: Videos take some time to be displayed even after the NanoCard has been displayed.

Profile Menu

The Profile menu contains the user’s default information to use in each template. Feel free to enter your profile information here, and it will get used to set up the initial information on each of the templates.

Shop System Menu

NanoCardAR offers premium content to users. By purchasing a subscription you get:

  • No watermark
  • All-access to premium templates

Thank you for supporting us.

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